ColourPop | Main Squeeze Palette | Full Review

Hi Beauties,

Welcome, I hope you are ‘reddy’ for this one! See what I did there? If you hadn’t already guessed from the title, and my horrible pun, this post is going to be all about a new addition to my makeup collection, the ColourPop Cosmetics Main Squeeze 9 pan eyeshadow palette. If you want to know all the tea on this palette, then keep on reading!

About The Palette –

This beautiful monochromatic red palette was released as part of ColourPop’s 5th birthday collection. The collection itself was focused around watermelons, so it was the perfect time to introduce this red-based palette into the world. It is such a fun and vibrant palette full of red, raspberry and watermelon shades that come in matte, metallic or duo-chrome finishes. It can be purchased on the ColourPop website for $12 USD (approx. $16 AUD), which means you are only paying about $1.80 AUD per pan!

The Packaging – 

This is the first ColourPop palette I have owned that isn’t in cardboard packaging! Instead, it comes in a sturdy plastic case which is decorated to resemble the inside of a watermelon, golden seeds and all. On the inside, I am pleased to say there is a large, high-quality mirror (yay!). But the best part about this palette is that the shade names are printed underneath each shade AND on the back of the palette itself! 

The Shades –

Frose is a matte coral-pink shade.

Juicy Fruit is a metallic golden coral shade.

Home Slice is a medium red shade.

Like It’s Hot is a coral-red shade with a matte finish.

Maraschino is a medium red shade with golden-peach sparkles.

Big Gulp is a coral-orange shade with a matte finish.

Seed Money is a coppery orange shade with a matte finish.

Bay Watch is a muted copper shade with pink micro-sparkles.

Red Bottoms is a medium-dark matte burgundy shade.

Final Thoughts – 

I love the idea of the ColourPop 9 pan monochromatic palettes. If you have a favourite colour to wear, you can just grab that palette and boom, you have everything you need. I do have to hand it to ColourPop, red shadows are known to be one of the hardest shades to make due to the pigment that goes into them. For such an affordable brand to make a red palette of this quality that doesn’t stain the eyelid to the point you look like you have an eye infection is simply amazing.

The shimmer/metallic shades are stunning (ColourPop do these well) and the matte shades are actually of high quality also. They aren’t too dry and they blend well on the eye without skipping or fading into nothing. Would I change anything about this palette? Yeah, there are two shades, Frosé and Seed Money, which are so similar when swatched. I might have gotten rid of the lighter one and put in a deeper red instead, but that’s just me.

What do you think about the ColourPop Main Squeeze palette? Have you tried any of the other 9 pan monochromatic palettes? Make sure you leave me a comment and let me know 🙂

That’s all for now Beauties!


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