ColourPop | Just My Luck Palette | Full Review

Hey Beauties,
I hope you are all doing well and have been looking after yourselves. This post is going to be all about a new addition to my makeup collection, the ColourPop Cosmetics Just My Luck 9 pan pressed pigment palette. If you want to know all the tea on this palette, then keep on reading!

About The Palette
This beautiful monochromatic green palette just screams St. Patrick’s Day to me. You obviously get 9 shades; 5 mattes and 4 shimmers/metallics. It can be purchased on the ColourPop website for $12 USD (approx. $16 AUD), which means you are only paying about $1.80 AUD per pan!

The Packaging
Similar to other 9 pan palettes, this one comes in a sturdy plastic case (FYI I think I prefer the cardboard packaging better, but that’s just me) with just the name printed on the front. On the inside, I am so happy to say that there is a large, high-quality mirror and the shade names are also printed underneath each shade AND on the back of the palette itself. I think I have said this on almost all of my ColourPop monochromatic posts, but these palettes are just so good for travelling as they are small and sturdy. The fact that such an affordable brand is releasing products with small details like a mirror on the inside of the packaging is a big game changer for me.

The Shades
Chances Are is a light matte pastel green shade.
Kiss My Hass is a matte medium green shade. 
50-50 is a metallic grassy green shade. 
Big Banks is a metallic light emerald green shade. 
Mary Jane is a metallic green/yellow shade.
Olive U is a dirty olive green shade with golden shimmer.
Act Natural is a dark matte green shade.
Mo Bamba is a deep green shade with micro-sparkles.
Charmed is a deep olive green shade with a matte.

Final Thoughts
I really do love the idea of these 9 pan monochromatic palettes. If you have one colour that you absolutely love wearing, then pick that one up and boom, you have everything you need. The 5 mattes in this palette are great quality and are highly pigmented. They blend out like a dream on your skin and I do enjoy the range of greens we get in the palette. Their metallics speak for themselves, like always. ColourPop knows how to do amazing metallic shadows! My favourite shade in this palette would have to be Big Banks. There is just something about the shade and formula that gets me excited. 

What don’t I like, or what could be improved? Well firstly, let’s discuss the pastel shade Chances Are… Now, I understand that pastel shades are extremely hard to perfect, and I am in no way saying that this is a horrible pastel green shade, because it isn’t. All I am saying is that the pigmentation of this shade compared to the others in the palette is lacking. Sure, it can be built up and is beautiful once the colour shows up on the skin, but is it worth the extra work? Luckily, I think it is.

Lastly, and I think I have/will say this for all of these palettes, is that the repeat of similar shades is sort of a bummer. For example, the shades 50-50 and Act Natural are basically the same thing, except one is a shimmer and the other is matte. Similarly, Kiss My Hass and Big Banks are also the same shade in matte and shimmer forms. It may have been nice to include another lighter true green as well as a duochrome green shade. But hey, that’s just me.

What do you think about the ColourPop Just My Luck palette? Have you tried any of the other 9 pan monochromatic palettes? Make sure you leave me a comment and let me know 🙂

That’s all for now Beauties!


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