ColourPop | Blue Moon Palette | Full Review

Hey Beauties,
Welcome back to another blog post. This post is going to be all about a new addition to my makeup collection, the ColourPop Cosmetics Blue Moon 9 pan pressed pigment palette. If you want to know all the tea on this palette, then keep on reading!

About The Palette
This beautiful monochromatic blue palette is absolutely stunning. I had my eye on a larger all blue palette from another brand that I shall not name, but I am glad I held off on buying that one and grabbed this one instead. You obviously get 9 shades; 5 mattes and 4 shimmers/metallics. It can be purchased on the ColourPop website for $12 USD (approx. $16 AUD), which means you are only paying about $1.80 AUD per pan!

The Packaging
Similar to other 9 pan palettes, this one comes in a sturdy plastic case with just the name printed on the front. Nothing too crazy in terms of the design, but simple can be beautiful sometimes too. When you open up this bad boy there is a large, high-quality mirror staring back at you. The shade names are printed underneath each shade AND on the back of the palette itself. The smallness of this palette makes it perfect for travelling as it takes up no space at all.

The Shades
Lumi is a bright iridescent white shade with a frosted sheen finish.
Da Ba Dee is a bright matte blue shade.
Moonlite is a bright sky blue shade with a matte finish. 
Starry Eyed is a vivid matte pastel blue shade.
Billie Jean is a metallic blue/purple shade.
Tide Pool is a bright metallic blue shade.
Mad About U is a medium blue shade with a pearly sheen finish.
Fine China is a matte medium blue shade.
Clued In is a matte dark blue shade.

Final Thoughts
I think you can tell by my numerous 9 pan palette posts that I really love the concept of them. You love wearing blue shadow? Amazing, here is the one palette you will need to make that blue eyed dream come true everyday. I feel like this is the first one I have tried that actually has the perfect variety of depth, shade wise. You get your light/pastel blue babies, a couple of mid-toned blues with different undertones, and then rich dark blues to finish it off. My favourite shade from this palette would have to be Fine China, the depth and brightness it brings when applied to the skin is simply stunning. In terms of pigmentation, they get an A+ from me! The metallics are phenomenal like always, and the mattes are pretty spectacular also. The only shade I had a little issue with was Clued In, it just felt a little drier than the other mattes and therefore it looked slightly patchy when applied.

What don’t I like, or what could be improved? I have said this for most of these 9 pan palettes, some of the shades look extremely similar when applied to the skin. Starry Eyed and Moonlite are almost identical when applied to the skin, so you either use one or the other, but never them both together. I would have loved to see an aqua/turquoise shade as they are my favourite, but I can live with the ones I have been given.

What do you think about the ColourPop Blue Moon palette? Have you tried any of the other 9 pan monochromatic palettes? Make sure you leave me a comment and let me know 🙂

That’s all for now Beauties!


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