Ulta3 | Second Skin Foundation | Review

Hi Beauties,
Ulta3 is an Australian beauty brand that is inspired by colour, fun and fashion. They aim to bring their customers quality cosmetics at a super affordable price so that we can complete our makeup looks for less. I have been lucky enough to be sent quite a few of their products over the past year or so and I have been loving testing them all out. I was beyond excited when they reached out to me last year to try out their newest launch. The Second Skin collection consists of foundations, concealers, primers and powders. As soon as I got my hands on it, the testing process began. If you want to know what my thoughts are on the Second Skin Foundation, then keep on reading. 

*This product was generously sent to me for free. I am under no obligation to review this product, nor am I being paid to promote it. All thoughts are my own*

Let’s start off with the packaging. This foundation comes in a beautiful, sleek glass bottle. The bottle does have some weight behind it and is very well made. This is such a bonus considering how affordable the product is. There is 35mL of product within the bottle and the formula is vegan and cruelty free. When you open her up, you are greeted with a large sponge tip applicator. I personally like these types of applicators, but I do know of a few people who do not due to the hygienic issues this applicator raises. It all comes down to personal preference in the end doesn’t it Beauties?

Before we go any further, let’s talk about the shade range shall we? Let’s be honest with ourselves here, the shade range on this entire collection falls very short. During previous launches, Ulta3 has released foundations with only 4 shade ranges, but this launch we saw that number double to 8 shades. It is extremely sad that this foundation is not made to be inclusive for everyone in the world. I really hope that it gets expanded in the near future. 

Being that it is now 2021, brands need to seriously step it up when it comes to shade ranges. Affordable/drugstore brands have continuously shown us that the large shade ranges are entirely possible, even when it comes to much smaller/not so well known brands. So it is about time that every brand out there, affordable and high end, takes notes! I would much rather see a later release date if it means that there are more shades available over a rushed date with limited shade range. With that being said, back to the review! 

I was sent two shades, porcelain and ivory. Porcelain works perfectly for me when I have no fake tan on, however I wouldn’t call it a true ‘porcelain’ shade. To me, porcelain is extremely light, almost white. And this shade definitely is not that. Ivory works well when I have a light tan on, or my fake tan is fading. 

Now let’s jump into talking about the formula. This formula is enriched with Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil and Vitamin B5. This multi-functional foundation is meant to keep the skin hydrated and radiant while the weightless formula blends seamlessly into the skin and visibility improves the appearance of skin texture and tone. Those are some pretty big statements. The formula is also Paraben and Sulfate free. 

They say that you can either blend out with your fingertips, a blending sponge or a foundation brush. I prefer to blend out with a brush as I find it doesn’t waste product, the coverage isn’t as compromised and I can get a seamless blend (using a sponge can affect the coverage). The consistency of the foundation is very thin. When I first put it on my skin the first time I used it I thought there was no way that it would give me any coverage, but boy was I wrong. 
*Image taken after full face of makeup is applied*

So what are my thoughts on this foundation? Well, it has great coverage, light with one layer, but builds up well to a medium coverage with more layers. It does have a very radiant finish, it left my skin looking very dewy and beautiful which I love. It doesn’t oxidise like other foundations which is great. It covered up the redness I get in my cheeks and reduced the redness around a few spots I had on my chin. 

I am very impressed with this foundation and its wear time. It didn’t settle into my smile lines, and only slightly settled into my forehead. It only faded slightly around my nose but I will put that down to the fact that I deal with allergies (and my nose ran from preparing my lunch lol). I wish I could recommend this foundation as I really do love it so much. However, due to the lack of shade range I wouldn’t feel right recommending it as I know many of you Beauties would be unable to find a shade to match your beautiful selves. 
*This image was taken after 6 hours of wear*

Have you tried this foundation? Are there any others you think I need to try? Make sure you leave me a comment and let me know 🙂

That’s all for now Beauties!

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