Mecca Max | Queen Palettes

Hi Beauties,

Mecca is the Australian version of Sephora, and let’s us Aussies have access to hundreds of different brands that were not previously sold within the Australian market (having to buy online and pay so much for shipping was such a pain!). Being cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, Mecca Max, their own brand, has shown to be just as popular as the big brands they sell within their stores. One of their most popular lines is the Queen palettes! I have collected all four of them and today I am going to share them all with you.

Let’s start off with the Beauty Queen palette shall we? This one was released back in July of 2018 (does that feel like a lifetime ago to anyone else?). Seeing that it was the first palette they brought out in this line of ‘Queen’ palettes, $38 for 15 shimmer/metallic shades seemed amazing at the time. Looking back on it now, it is pretty hard to create an eye look using just this palette as I need a few mattes to be able to create a look I would be happy with. In saying that, I like to think of this palette as a metallic eye/highlighter palette, because the majority of these shades would make stunning face highlighters. This palette has everything from silvers, golds, coral pinks and even greens and purples. Any highlight shade you wanted, you would find in this palette!

Next came the Desert Queen palette which was released in March of 2019. We have the same idea again, 15 shades for $38, but with one difference… Mecca Max listened to their customers and decided to include 4 mattes shades! This palette has beautiful warm tones, ranging from bronzes, peachy and earthy tones, and a range of purples for good measure. I love these palettes because they don’t only just work as eyeshadows, they are made to be used on the face also. This is a palette that I can reach for and know I have a full eye look, and a bronzer, blush and highlight shade. So really it is one palette you could take away with you and you would be pretty much set!

The third palette released in this range is the Sugar Queen palette, it came out in August 2019. Same price, same amount of shades, same format, just different packaging and a more diverse range of colours. So this one has the obvious highlighter shades the other ones have had, but it also contains those beautiful matte pinks, which would make great blushes if you ask me! Some of the metallics work best with your fingers, and the mattes are beautiful and soft and blend out like a dream. In terms of the tones of this palette, it’s basically in the name. Candy pink tones, golds, silvers and a beautiful blue/purple.

Lastly, the Dream Queen palette which was released in the beginning of 2020. Again, 15 shades, $38, big mirror on the inside, cute Mecca packaging, you get it by now right? But this one is another kind of beautiful. We have the mattes, marbles and shimmers again, but this time we are mixing the warm tones with the candy pink tones. This palette has more mattes than any of the other palettes which is greatly appreciated. You have your bone matte, your transitions (or bronzers if need be) and deeper orange, brown and burgundy! You can definitely create more than one eye look with this palette. Just quietly, this is my favourite one! And you can still purchase it, winning!

Do you own any of these Mecca Max palettes? Which one is your favourite? Make sure you leave me a comment and let me know 🙂

That’s all for now Beauties!

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