My Wishlist #1

Hi Beauties,

Last year I really tried to limit my purchases when it came to buying makeup, and I personally think I was able to achieve that. This year will be no different! While I have managed to perfect the art of only buying what I need or what truly excites me, that doesn’t mean that every now and then I get urges to buy new random products for the purpose of testing them out. So this year I am creating a new little series for you guys, My Wishlists.

Every so often I will be sharing what makeup or skincare products I have been wanting to try out and why I want them. That way I can really sit down and think about if I just ‘want’ the product as opposed to really ‘needing’ it. So, if you want to see what products have been on my wish list this month, then keep on reading!

Disclaimer: all images in this post are not my own and will have photo credit clearly stated.

Lunar Beauty is a brand that I never really thought much about if I am being honest. However, lately I have been seeing more and more of their products pop up on my feed and they have really caught my attention. In particular, the Moon Spell palette has intrigued me. Besides the absolutely stunning spell book-like packaging, the colour story is an interesting one to me. As far as I know it is currently sold out everywhere, but if and when it comes back into stock, it might be a product I pick up.
Photo credit: @halidi_makeup

Another brand that has caught my eye lately is Good Molecules. I have heard so many amazing reviews on many of their products and I would love to test them out for myself in the future. I have my eye on the Instant Cleansing Balm as I like this type of product for removing heavier makeup. Plus the fact that the container is made out of recyclable aluminium makes it even more appealing!
Photo credit: @goodmolecules

Eco tools is a brand that I have tried and loved in the past. While I haven’t tried any of their more recent products, they have still been able to catch my eye with their Makeup Brush + Sponge Shampoo. I love that affordable brands are coming out with products like this! I go through brush cleaning products pretty quickly so you might be seeing this featured in a New In post in the near future.
Photo credit: @ecotools

I have to be honest with you guys and say that I know very little about hair care. There is no time like the present to change that! Charlie And Evie Haircare is a brand that I have recently started following on Instagram and their products look so beautiful. They are Aussie made and owned, and create some amazing organic and vegan products that I am sure I could very easily fall in love with. I have had my eye on their Hydrating Repair Treatment for some time now and I would love to be able to test it out sometime this year.
Photo credit: @charlieandeviehaircare

While the Violet Voss HG palette is technically not new to me (I actually own one), I am still adding this to my wish list. Why? Well I own a very very VERY old version of this eyeshadow palette, and while I love it to bits, I will eventually need to upgrade it to the better formula. The Holy Grail palette is literally my holy grail palette and I have taken this palette with me almost every time I have gone somewhere. It is one that I know I can count on to help me create any kind of look I please!
Photo credit: @survivorpeach

What is on your current makeup/beauty wish list? Make sure you leave me a comment and let me know 🙂

That’s all for now Beauties!

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