Juvia’s Place | The Saharan Palette | Review

Hi Beauties,
Welcome back to another blog post. This post is going to be all about my Juvia’s Place Saharan Palette. If you want to know all the details on this palette, and whether or not I will be keeping it in my collection or not, then keep on reading!

About The Palette
The Saharan Palette draws its inspiration from the Fulani culture of Western Africa. The colour story is described as vivacious, vibrant and bold. I definitely have to agree with that! The palette contains 12 super vibrant, unapologetically bold shades that come together in the most unexpected yet harmonious way. The finishes include mattes, shimmers and satins. From the Juvia’s Place website, The Saharan Palette will cost you $20 USD (approx. $26 AUD). When you add the $13 USD (approx. $17) shipping on top of that, you are looking at this palette costing you roughly $43 AUD. Not the most expensive on the market (which I can appreciate) but also not the most affordable.

The Packaging
The packaging of this palette stays true to Juvia’s Place style, unique, colourful and quirky. The shades are housed in a cardboard exterior (environmentally friendly yasss) which has the most beautiful tribal artwork on both the exterior and interior. The shade names are printed below each colour and the pans themselves are very decent in size. Think the same size as the ColourPop Cosmetics single pans. It is also worth mentioning that this palette does not contain a mirror. The size of the palette is very small which would make it great for travelling with (not that we are doing much of that at the moment).

The Shades
Sokoto is a matte dark coral shade.
Wodaabe is a metallic deep gold shade.
Bororo is a metallic dark red shade.
Kia is a metallic dark teal shade.
Zoya is a metallic medium coral shade.
Iman is a light silver with a frosted finish.
Jamila is a medium-dark orange shade with a matte finish.
Senegal is a metallic dark copper shade.
Chad is a matte dark black shade.
Katsina is a matte light brown shade.
Lulu is a medium-dark coral with a frosted finish.
Fula is a dark pink metallic shade.

Final Thoughts
I will start off by saying that the pigmentation of these eyeshadows is amazing. Not only are they incredibly pigmented, but they are also so easy to work with. The mattes blend out like a dream and the metallics build up to an intense and, well, metallic finish without too much hard work. The shadows also wear really well, lasting most of the day. This would really be a great day-to-night palette if that is what your lifestyle entailed.

For me, however, I don’t find this palette all that inspiring. I find that I can only make slight alterations to one type of look with this palette based on the shades that have a matte finish. I really fail to see how you can create a heap of different looks using only this one palette. Yes, the shades are vibrant and beautiful, but only having 1 transitional brown shade, 1 black and 2 reddy shades, really limits me. If needing to dip into other palettes to create a look doesn’t bother you, then great! You will really enjoy this palette and I am sure you could find yourself reaching for it all the time. But for me, well, let’s just say that this palette would not be one I would happily pack into my travel makeup kit in a hurry.

So will I be keeping the Juvia’s Place Saharan Palette in my makeup collection? Sadly, I think it is time I let this one go. I find myself neglecting it too much to justify even keeping it in my collection. I think another beauty lover out there will love and appreciate this one way more than I ever could.

Have you tried any products from Juvia’s Place? What are some of your favourite eyeshadow palettes? Make sure you leave me a comment and let me know 🙂

That’s all for now Beauties!

4 thoughts on “Juvia’s Place | The Saharan Palette | Review

  1. One, this elephant swatches are SO cute! I actually think this palette would sit really nicely in my collection alongside my other palettes, but I see what you mean about it’s colour layout on its own!

    Katie | katieemmabeauty.com

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Swatch stencils are my favourite thing at the moment! I am definitely one of those people that likes to be able to use just one palette X


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