NYX Cosmetics | Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Concealer | Review

Hi Beauties,

NYX Cosmetics is a US-based affordable makeup brand that I am sure you already know a lot about. They are proudly cruelty-free and have been making a conscious effort to release more vegan formulas over the past couple of years. Not so recently, I want to say early 2019, maybe even late 2018, they released a brand new one of products called Can’t Stop Won’t Stop. In today’s post I am going to be reviewing the concealer they released within this line, so if you want to know more about it, then keep on reading!

The NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Concealer retails for $16.95 AUD, not the cheapest I have ever seen, but also not a ridiculous price! I can appreciate that. It can be purchased from the NYX Australia website or from Priceline here in Australia. There are 23 shades available, however we only gain access to 11 of these from Priceline.

Now, let’s talk about the packaging. This concealer is housed in a long and skinny plastic tube and comes with a doe-foot applicator. I personally love this type of applicator for any liquid product as I find I don’t waste as much as I might if I use a pump. Some argue that this type of applicator can raise hygiene issues, but for me the pros outweigh the cons.

Moving onto the formula now. The Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Concealer has a lightweight matte formula that is not meant to transfer. You can use this product to camouflage imperfections, brighten up your face and to contour your face to perfection. This multitasking concealer is also said to deliver full coverage with a finish that can last up to 24 hours. Why you would want to wear makeup for a full 24 hours is beyond me but hey, each to their own right!

So what are my thoughts on this concealer? Well, it does have amazing coverage. I would say it is medium but can be very easily built up to a fuller coverage. The formula itself can be slightly thick but it still blends out like a dream using a fluffy brush. I love that even though it is a thicker formula, my skin never feels cakey. However, when my skin is needing a bit of hydration, this concealer can add to that and almost make my under eyes feel tight. The matte finish is self setting, but I always add a light dusting of powder over the top just to make sure it is set in place. I also love that it does not oxidise on me at all, so I know the shade I put on in the morning is the shade I will come home with at night.

I would highly recommend this concealer to any beauty lover out there that loves a medium to full coverage concealer moment. If you have drier skin, I would probably steer clear of this one just because it does have a matte formula. A full coverage concealer for under $20, it’s a winner for me! 

Have you tried this concealer? What are your favourite concealers? Make sure you leave me a comment and let me know 🙂

That’s all for now Beauties!

8 thoughts on “NYX Cosmetics | Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Concealer | Review

  1. Literally have just posted about this! 😍 I find the wand a little overzealous and outdated but the product itself you won’t find a longer lasting product! It does not move from my weary eyes all day and the coverage beats any of the more expensive brands hands down! It’s my beauty must have 🥳

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