A Declutter #1

Hi Beauties,

Welcome back to this week’s post! I recently did a quick little reorganise of my makeup drawer and decided to declutter some products that I don’t find myself using anymore. So if you want to see what these products are, then keep on reading! 

*This post contains products that were generously sent to me for free. These products will be clearly marked*

First up we have the NYX Cosmetics Total Control Foundations. I had the shades porcelain and natural in this foundation, my perfect natural skin and fake tan shades. I really loved these foundations back when I first purchased them a few years ago (yikes) and they have really served me well. Sadly, they are slightly expired and I no longer find the need to put them on my face. I loved the coverage you can get with these foundations, it can be nice and light and natural or you can easily build up the layers to a fuller coverage. I will definitely think about repurchasing these again in the future, but for now, I need to get testing some other foundations in my collection.

Next up we have a couple of Ulta3 products. I am lucky enough to be sent a lot of Ulta3’s products to try out for myself and share with you guys, but sadly when I received the Second Skin Concealer (in the shade light) I wasn’t all that impressed. Firstly, the shade range is extremely disappointing. Ulta3 only released 3 shades in this range! Secondly, this product just doesn’t work well on my skin. I find it way too thick and cakey for what I tend to use concealers for. Ulta3 has some amazing products too, check out my foundation review here. Next we have the UltaMatte Longwear Lip Creams in the shades Spirit Sister and Strike Out. Go back 2 or so years and I would have loved having these in my collection, but as I have grown up so has my taste in makeup. I am more of a hydrating/cream lipstick gal now, and these shades no longer fit with this more grown up version of myself.
*These products were sent to me for free*

Now we have the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecting Powders in the shades Pearl and Moonstone. While it is sad that the brand Becca is no more, their products were really hit and miss for me. These products were definite hits however. I loved these highlighters ever since I added them to my collection. However, I found myself reaching for them less and less and time went on. I am sure they have expired now as they have gone very powdery and smell a little strange so it is time to say goodbye to these beauties, and goodbye to Becca Cosmetics. 

Next product being decluttered is the Tarte Cosmetics Park Ave Princess Bronzer. I have had this in my collection for a very long time and I said in a recent declutter video over on my instagram that I would need to repurchase another bronzer from Tarte this year, and I have! Powdered products tend to last a lot longer, but when you notice that it performs worse or smells funny then it is time to get rid of it, which is exactly what I am doing here.

I love beauty advent calendars at Christmas time, and these next two products were included in the Mecca Max Beautiful Days Advent Calendar of 2020. I am passing along the Bronzing Gel and the Cream Shadow as they are just products I would never really reach for. Someone else will show them the love and attention they deserve.

Next up we have a Cream Lipstick from Luna by Luna. While the formula of these cream lipsticks is pretty good, unfortunately the shade (Ophelia) just doesn’t excite me. I am definitely curious to test out some of the other shades in this range in the future. These lipsticks will go to a good home of a family member.

This Model Rock Liquid Lipstick in the shade Cherrywood was included in a Bella Beauty Box late last year. While the shade is stunning and the formula is great, I just don’t find myself wanting to reach for this product so I decided to declutter it to make more room for other products in my collection. Again, I will be passing this along to a family member who I know will enjoy it.

Last but not least we have the ModelCo Highlighting Shimmer Whip in the shade Champagne. This was another product that was included in a Bella Beauty Box last year. I don’t enjoy cream products like this as I don’t find they work well for my skin. While it is a beautiful shade, I just won’t reach for it and see no point in keeping it in my collection any longer.

What products have you decluttered lately? Make sure you leave me a comment and let me know 🙂

That’s all for now Beauties

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