New In | Essence Cosmetics

Hi Beauties,

I was lucky enough to be sent an amazing package from Essence Cosmetics recently, and I could not wait to share all these new beauty products with you all! If you want to see what is new in from Essence Cosmetics, then keep on reading!

*Disclaimer: all these products were sent to me for free, I am not obligated to review these, all opinions are my own*

First up we have the Pretty Natural Hydrating Foundation. This foundation is infused with hyaluronic acid and aloe Vera which helps to provide a natural, medium coverage finish that feels weightless on the skin. It is vegan, paraben free, alcohol free, oil free and gluten free! There is also a pretty decent shade range for this product too (31 shades) so hopefully it lives up to the hype! I will definitely be testing this one out and reviewing it for you guys in the near future.
Retail price: $10 AUD

Next up we have the Hello, Good Stuff! 3in1 Face Mist. This natural watermelon fruit face mist is made with 95% natural ingredients and helps to refresh and hydrate the skin while also aiding in fixing the skin’s imperfections. You can use it prior to applying your makeup for an extra hydration boost. Again, this is cruelty free, vegan and gluten free.
Retail price: $6 AUD

Now we have the Hello, Good Stuff! Tinted Beauty Cream. This beauty cream is meant to skilfully highlight the individual beauty of every skin type. It contains natural cactus blossom extract, hyaluronic acid and glycerin which all helps to provide extra moisture all day long.
Retail price: $8.50 AUD

Next up is the Hello, Good Stuff! Face Serum. This serum is formulated with pineapple extract which helps to provide intensive moisture to the skin. This serum will leave behind a beautiful glow and a delicate pineapple fragrance. I love the sound of this so much!
Retail price: $9 AUD

Now we have two eye products! The first is the Tiny Tip Precise Brow Pen. This brow pen will help you to create natural or dramatic brows, depending on your style. It has a super thin tip so that your brows can be filled in with extreme accuracy. Then we have the Tiny Tip Eyeliner Waterproof Pen. This eyeliner also has an extremely thin tip to help with accuracy and it is made for those who love a graphic liner look. The formula is a deep matte black shade which is perfect for hiding lash bands, or for using to make an eye look that little more dramatic.
Retail price: $5 AUD (brow pen), $6 AUD (eyeliner)

I have heard so many good things about Essence mascaras, so when I saw the 24ever Defined Volume Mascara in this package I was beyond excited. This mascara is formulated with hemp seeds, almond oil, jojoba oil and vitamin e oil! These amazing ingredients all help with conditioning the lashes. Again, like always, this product is vegan, paraben free, fragrance free and alcohol free.
Retail price: $7 AUD

Last, but certainly not least, we have two beautiful lipsticks. The first is This Is Me. Lipstick in the shade Fierce. This bold red shade is right up my alley! It is formulated with beautiful ingredients that will help keep the lips hydrated all night long. The other is the Long Lasting Lipstick in the shade Unforgettable. As the name suggests, this nude lipstick is super long wearing but also light on the lips and will never dry them out.
Retail price: $5.50 AUD (each)

These were all the amazing goodies I received from Essence, if you want to see more in-depth reviews on any of these products make sure you leave me a comment and let me know 🙂

That’s all for now Beauties!

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