Unknown Beauty Box | June Edition

Hi Beauties,

I am back again with another Unknown Beauty Box unboxing! Sadly, this will be the last post featuring this box as they have decided to close down. It is really sad to see such a good beauty box end, so if you want to see what was included in this month’s ‘the last hoorah’ themed box, then keep on reading.

Laritzy Athena Eyeshadow Palette – $62.00
This super stunning goddess-inspired palette offers the perfect mix of neutral and bold shades. I can definitely see myself creating lots of beautiful looks using this palette and I will be sure to get a review up for it in the near future! I also love that the cost of this palette is worth more than the entire box all on its own!

CjP Beauty Squeaky Clean Brush Cleaning Tool – $20.00
This has reminded me that it is about time to reclean my brushes! The top of this tool is fitted with grooves for deep cleaning your makeup brushes with soap and water, and it is meant to help with removing more product build-up than just using your hands/fingers. If you flip it over, there is a sponge side which is perfect for spot cleaning your brushes. This sounds like an amazing brush cleaning tool to me!

Evio Beauty Black Mascara – $31.00
I am always on the hunt for the ultimate mascara, so I am happy to put this one to the test. This volumising mascara was made to give your lashes a boost and natural effect. You should be able to layer this mascara without it going clumpy! I will definitely be putting this to the test soon and sharing my thoughts.

Oryza Beauty Dewy Glow Balm – $22.00
This is developed as an all-purpose skin and lip balm with UVA and UVB filters for sun protection. It is also meant to be moisturising, anti-inflammatory, protective and soothing for all skin types. It contains so many beautiful ingredients to help your skin feel and look better too!

Blue Jacar Rose & Pomegranate Moisturising Hand Cream with Sunscreen – $14.95
The last item in this box is a beautiful hand cream which is formulated with rose hip oil and sunscreen ingredients that will keep your hands soft, moisturised and protected from the sun. As you can imagine, this rose scented hand cream smells delightful and is free from surfaces and parabens.

Once again, Unknown Beauty Box has given us another box full of bargains for only $49.99 (the retail price of purchasing these products separately would be over $149!). I am so sad to see this beauty box go. What other beauty boxes would you recommend I try out for you guys? 

That’s all for now Beauties!

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