My Everyday Makeup Faves

Hi Beauties,

Welcome back to another blog post! Today I am going to be sharing some products in my collection that I adore, and have been using every time I have done my makeup lately. Just a quick note about that though; we are headed into week 3 of a lockdown here in NSW, so technically I haven’t been wearing makeup everyday. However, when I was still working everyday or just headed out to the shops, these products are the ones I reached for. So, if you want to see some makeup recommendations and the products I have been loving, then keep on reading.

*Some of these products were sent to me for free with no obligation to review, these products will be clearly marked*

First up, primer! My go-to, everyday, favourite primer at the moment is my NYX Cosmetics Marshmellow Primer. I purchased this earlier this year and have been obsessed with it ever since. Not only does it smell amazing (almost good enough to eat), but it does something magical to my skin. It hydrates my skin, it minimises my pores to the point that they are non-existent and it makes my makeup last all day long! Seriously, if you haven’t tried this primer, you need to! I will hopefully be posting a complete review on it eventually.

After primer comes concealer for me. I tend to skip the foundation for day-to-day life as I find it heavy on my skin and when I am at work I like a more natural look. I have many concealers in my collection that I love, but my top two at the moment have to be the NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Concealer and the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer. I have a full review on the NYX Concealer which I will leave here for you to check out. I love how affordable it is, how full coverage yet natural it is, and how it looks on the skin, even after a full days wear. As for the Tarte Concealer, I love how full coverage it is, how it looks on the skin (even all on its own) and that it just seems to never end!

Time for powder now! The two powders I have been reaching for at the moment are the Ulta3 Second Skin Pressed Powder and the Australis Fresh & Flawless Pressed Powder. They are both super affordable and they both set the face really well. What more could you want from a face powder really? I tend to use the Ulta3 Powder under my eyes, and the Australis Powder all over my face as it has slightly more coverage.
*The Ulta3 product was sent to me for free*

Alright so, we have done complexion and now we move onto the eyes! For everyday wear you can’t go past the Ulta3 Go To Great Lengths Mascara. Again, it is super affordable, it coats the lashes beautifully without leaving them clumpy and spidery and it is nice and dark! I have a review on this one too, so if you want to know more you can check it out here.
*This product was sent to me for free*

Last, I do my brows. I have recently found a brand new favourite brow product that I have been dying to share with you! The Essence Tiny Tip Precise Brow Pen. I was a little scared the first time I used it because I am one of those people that goes a little heavy handed when it comes to my products. But boy, was I surprised when I finally tested it out. This pen creates some natural, hair-like strokes within your brows which is great for the natural brow look that I love. Again, I want to do a full review on this product sometime in the future, so stay tuned for that!
*This product was sent to me for free*

What are your current favourite, everyday makeup products? I would love you to leave me a comment and let me know 🙂

That’s all for now Beauties!

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